There are a lot of different file formats and extensions. In one day you can receive an industry report in .pdf, the album of .png and .jpg images from the party, download the book in .epub format, and so on. Nevertheless, this diversity in existing file formats was the reason people who didn’t know how to deal with an unknown extension started to spend money on software licenses for reading and editing those files. How to avoid these unnecessary spendings? On File Wikia, you can find the complete and constantly-replenishing database of all existing file extensions and save time on searching free software for working with them.

A huge database of file extensions

File Wikia contains a database of over 10, 000 file extensions, which are divided into 28 categories like data, game, developer, settings, audio files, etc. Each extension page has detailed information about the file type it refers to. The search engine performs excellently. The users can search by a letter, a category, or just by starting typing the format name into the search box at the top of each page.

A large selection of software

In addition, we have a database of software programs. They are categorized by 11 different categories, including productivity, programming, Internet, utility, video, and so on. Each individual software page contains description, reviews, and the list of file extensions used by this software.

Since the day our platform was launched, File Wiki team has continued adding new file extensions and searching for new programs. Our goal is to become an ultimate file database where users can find the extensions and software quickly. And, of course, if you have any file or program-related questions, you can always contact us. Our team will help you to solve the issue.